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They are here!  Those bright yellow stickers that you can redeem to accumulate points and then redeem those points for stuff…really cool STUFF!

Whether you order product through your foodservice distributor or via our online store, all cases of our foodservice 4oz products will get to you with that bright yellow sticker.

If you are already a member of, you can log in to your account and redeem points. If you are not a member of, why not?  Membership is free to foodservice operators.  It’s as simple as visiting their website at Foodservice Rewards and setting up your individual account.  Once you are set up, you can start accumulating points from manufacturers like us (and a bunch of other very cool companies like us).

Right now, we’re giving away 150 points the first time you redeem a code from one of our products plus we’ll send you a 3gal plastic beverage dispenser FREE.

Our Current Promotion

Our Current Promotion


Foodservice Reward label

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