Bulk Tea Concentrates


ThirsTea™ Corp. has been formulating iced tea concentrates since 1977.  Our first customer was a beverage manufacturer who used our tea concentrate to make their iced tea products.  We still sell that customer today…30+ years later.

Our longevity in this industry is a testament to the quality of our iced tea concentrates. Over the years, we have taken advantage of new processes and technologies, always striving to improve our product.

If you are a beverage manufacturer, our concentrates can help improve your iced tea product lines.  ThirsTea™ tea concentrates are made from carefully selected tea leafs and processed under strict conditions.  As a result, our tea concentrate will never get cloudy or sediment, like other tea concentrates.

When you use ThirsTea™ tea concentrates your iced tea will always taste fresh, never bitter. That’s a promise we have kept for over 30 years.