ThirsTea: NEW Iced Tea Concentrates and other happenings

As we were creating the new website, I noticed that I had not updated our blog page since last July…when we installed the then new website.


A lot has happened in a year.  We launched a retail, “at home” line of iced teas and beverage concentrates so individuals can use our products at home.  We launched a brand new flavor, Black Cherry Lemonade, which is another sugar free beverage concentrate-right now only available in our foodservice 3gal format.  And we finally completed the formulation on our ThirsTea Premium Leaf iced tea concentrate.  This will be a bag-in-box iced tea product for the foodservice and convenience store markets.


The Premium Leaf is our best iced tea concentrate product to date.  It has the aroma, color and flavor profile of a high quality fresh brewed iced tea…with the benefits of a liquid tea concentrate; ease of use, consistency, and no waste.   It’s taken us a couple of years to get right, but we think it will be the market leader in the iced tea concentrate category.


We also increased our support of the American Diabetes Association, becoming a sponsor/participant in all of their regional expos this year.  We have given away close to 200 gallons of sugar free beverages to attendees at those expos.   We expect that figure to approach the 500 gallon mark before year end.


It’s been a fun and exciting year for us.  We expect the next 12 months to be just as much fun and exciting, and we’re glad you decided to stop by our new website and share in the excitement.  You are now part of our ThirsTea family, so go visit  us on Facebook and keep up with the daily going-ons.



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