Welcome to Thirs-Tea™





ThirsTea™ has provided quality liquid tea concentrates to the foodservice industry since 1977.  We also sell a version of our product, designed for at-home use, and we provide concentrates and ingredients to the beverage manufacturing industry.

ThirsTea™ is 100% brewed tea concentrate, prepared from choice black tea leaves.  As technology has improved, we have continually made changes to our process and quality.  It is this unshakeable commitment to quality and innovation that has made us one of the best tasting liquid iced tea concentrates for over 35 years.

It all starts with quality tea.  We have searched the world for the best tasting tea leafs, blending them to create a clean, crisp, consistent iced tea concentrate.  Our products won’t cloud; they won’t get bitter; and, the taste won’t change even sitting for hours at room temperature.

Our privately held company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.  But, we produce our products in Florida, Texas, Kentucky and California.