ThirsTea™ Unsweetened Brewed Tea



Each case (24 x 4oz bottles) makes 72 gallons of great tasting iced tea & includes free shipping. ThirsTea™ Unsweetened Brewed Tea has been our signature product for 35 years.

This is what iced tea is supposed to taste like…clean, refreshing and no bitter after-taste. Never worry about serving another glass of bad tasting tea.



Operationally easy to implement in ANY foodservice application. Our products offer consistent, great tasting quality with no waste.

Each 4oz bottle makes 3 gallons in seconds…no brew time and no inconsistency from ice melt.

Our teas won’t cloud. They are never bitter. And they will maintain freshness for days (unlike brewed teas which must be disposed of every 8 hours).

Caffeine Free. Sugar Free. Kosher Certified.